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You Think Work Orders are just for Capital Projects…. Think Again!

Through the years, Daffron’s Work Order system has evolved from being a cost accounting system to track your capital construction and retirement projects, to a tool to create a more efficient work place.

Utilizing your materials management software to its fullest potential can be a resource for you. For example, in the Work Order system, you have always tracked capital projects from your one-year, two-year or five-year work plan and compared monthly to closed work orders against those budget dollars. Now it is time for the next budgeting process, you can save valuable man hours and $$$$ by using reports from the Work Order system. Use monthly, annual, or multiple years’ history to prepare for the upcoming budget. Setting up selective reports to run on a regular basis will assist and can provide valuable information to make informed management decisions.

Cost of Service studies, knowing one’s cost of providing service based on rate and type of service, and knowing how it fluctuates from month to month to arrive at an annual average, can be a very cost effective tool. Daffron’s Work Order system will provide this data for you. Why pay engineering firms thousands of dollars to discover (from you) the information they need to develop a cost-of-service study? Do a little bit of homework from past studies and have your Daffron Support Team help you define the reports needed to capture relevant information on a monthly basis. When it is time for an analysis, you now have the information at your fingertips, saving costly consultant fees. Another benefit, this information can be provided to your management and board on a monthly basis. These reports will be a useful tool when adjusting your Aid to Construction policies or other decisions where actual costs information is important.

In addition, the Work Order system can be used for tracking costs on any project. A few examples are:

  • Maintenance of right of way costs
    • Spraying vs. Brush Hog vs. Aerial
  • Pole Inspections
  • Customer Meetings
  • Tracking costs for purchase of trucks that require additional work prior to placing in service
  • And just about anything you want to track costs for

Let the Daffron Work Order system work for you. If you have questions or need help on how to make the Work Order system work for you, please contact your Daffron Support Team to get the help you need to maximize using your Work Order software as a resource.

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