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According to a 2015 study by Navigant, two of the top concerns for utilities in 2016 are: enhancing the consumer experience and improving workforce efficiency. Daffron solutions help utilities address both of these issues, as well as many other tasks utilities face every day.

In addition to the traditional line up of sessions, attendees of the 2016 Daffron UGM will have the opportunity to experience how Daffron solutions work together across your entire organization to achieve a better consumer experience, and to increase workforce efficiency.

To accomplish this, we are restructuring how you experience UGM. It takes many people across every department to achieve a better consumer experience. Therefore, our consumer experience classes will address these cross-departmental hurdles and how the Daffron solution can connect everyone together.

Similarly, our workforce efficiency classes will incorporate Staking, FMS, WMS, and CIS elements throughout the week, to mirror how all of these pieces are being used in your organization to accomplish the goal of workforce efficiency.

This means that your classroom experience will be integrated just as tightly as our software suites integrate with each other and with third party vendors. Sitting alongside people of all departments and discussing how the Daffron solution tackles the big picture, you will learn how your utility can pull it all together and improve your consumers’ experience and workforce efficiency.