Technology Services Plan

Select a comprehensive plan or à la carte solutions

Today’s IT departments are being stretched just about as far as they can go.  The Daffron Technology Services Plan (TSP) allows Daffron to be responsible for multiple aspects of your connected business.  Technology Services are available 24x7x365 so you can maintain control without the worry.


  • Daffron hosted, cloud based ASP solution
  • Spam filter configuration maintenance
  • Email/Calendar management
  • Registering domain names
  • SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Web based or Native client support

Network Management

  • VPN Tunnel
  • Firewall
  • Switch/router configurations
  • PCI DSS security analysis
  • Global sys logs analysis
  • Network architectural analysis and configuration

Application Servers

  • System configurations and optimizations
  • Real-time Server monitoring with notifications
  • Real-time Application level health monitoring and notifications
  • Full backups of Server applications

iSeries Management

Load or assist loading software releases, including IBM, Daffron and Showcase. *Semiannual PTF’s

Provide monitoring services for critical messages 24x 7 with up to 2 hours phone support after normal business hours.

Schedule and perform up to 4 system saves per year. Just load the tape and we will do the rest.

Additional services as determined by Daffron staff to optimize IBM Power Server.

Disaster Recovery

Level 1: On-Demand

  • Daffron hosted
  • Data availability with last tape save
  • Monthly tape verification and storage
  • Semi-Annual utility Disaster Recovery testing with your data
  • Access from most recent tape within 24 hours of disaster

Level 2: Daily Online

  • Add-on to Level 1
  • Daffron hosted
  • Data availability from last replication point
  • Replication performed at regular intervals, usually less than 4 hours

Level 3: Real-time Online

  • Data availability is real-time, no data loss.
  • Complete object replication
  • System (critical) mirroring with journaling
  • Reliable switchover/failover

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