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The industry has moved to a new level of automation, everything is about integration and StakingiXp has evolved with the times. We are stepping up StakingiXp/GIS integration with new update functions and queries and have incorporated new graphically-oriented layout.

Daffron has introduced StakingCAD, a feature within StakingiXp that will give the user the ability to operate within a CAD environment while developing their staking sheets. This makes StakingiXp a more graphically-oriented package. It will maintain all previous functions, such as sketch functions; this is just another option for the user to produce staking sheets and data within StakingiXp. Inside StakingCAD, you can draw your entire job and easily generate sketches that will go on each staking sheet. There are new viewing, editing, and drawing features that are not available in the sketch functions. Existing vector drawings can be opened directly into StakingCAD and edited or used as background. Creating a staking sketch is as easy as zooming to an area and telling it you want to create a sketch of that area. You can go back and easily correct sketch issues and recreate sketches for staking sheets.

There are new StakingiXp /GIS integration features to better streamline updating procedures for GIS systems. StakingiXphas the ability to add conductor, meter locations, transformers, and poles. It will also setup GIS fields and bring the data into the system if it was put into StakingiXp. StakingiXp can also grab existing poles on the map and use them as take-off poles on the staking sheet. The integration is all performed within StakingiXp and does not require third party software. StakingiXp can directly do the updating or export information through XML formatted files to GIS systems.

Staking technicians can work on top of existing maps, setup work orders inside StakingiXp, submit assemblies, materials, and CPR’s to the Daffron system, and update ESRI-based maps directly. StakingiXp will utilize GPS data if available, or allow users to manually place poles on maps. Also, pole positions can be adjusted as needed.

We continue to develop and update StakingiXp so that we can meet the changing needs of the industry.

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