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You’ve planned your entire AMI implementation – or have you?

An Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system represents a significant investment for utilities – one that is essential if you hope to leverage smart grid technology for your staff and your customers.  But during the planning and budgeting phase, it can be easy to overlook the comparatively inexpensive process of integrating your chosen AMI solution with your existing CIS/Billing solution.  Without that crucial step, your staff may not properly benefit from automation like remote connect and disconnect Service Orders, meter information updates, changes to customer accounts and other key time-savers.  In addition, support for prepaid metering and other customer initiatives can rely heavily on the integration between these two critical systems.

So whether you are in the early stages of AMI planning, or if you are already in implementation, make sure part of your overall strategy includes integration with your CIS/billing platform.

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