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“How utilities respond can make all the difference.”

There is no stopping an outage from occurring.  However, outages do not have to keep your customers down for the count.  The Daffron Outage Management System provides greater efficiency to end users by:

  • Providing the basic tools to handle outage calls, determine line-flow issues, and track outages through to resolution.
  • Communicating with the Daffron CIS system in real-time to ensure your customer service staff can provide the best possible service.
  • Integrating with IVR, AMI, etc.
  • Providing a designated logging and coding system, including major and minor cause codes.

 “We are excited about the release of the new Daffron Outage Management program,” states Randy Morris, Senior Staff Advisor for Jasper County REMC.  “The functionality is very proficient and user friendly.  There are several features that are very helpful; its ability to predict which up-line devices are open, along with grouping and circuit display.  We also have the latest Daffron CIS in place, so our CSRs can take an outage call without ever leaving the customer inquiry screen, which is a real bonus.”

If decreased operating costs, increased productivity, improved customer service, and better ease-of-use for internal users are all things you’d like to experience at your utility, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Daffron.  Give us a call at 888.DAFFRON or email us at

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