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PaySite kiosks that Ozarks Electric Cooperative Corporation in Fayetteville, Ark., has set up in merchant zones across its service territory are providing consumers with a new level of convenience. The kiosks, boasting simple on-screen instructions, let consumers view their current account balance, make payments by credit card, check, or cash, and receive quick payment confirmation.

Tight integration between the co-op’s Daffron & Associates customer information system (CIS) and US Payments, relying on MultiSpeak® Initiative specifications, makes the kiosk benefit possible, notes Todd Townsend, the co-op’s vice president of corporate services. “Information is sent securely and instantly between the systems in real time, and once a member’s account information is checked against our CIS database, payment is posted as if the consumer was in the lobby. The kiosks will even prevent a cash-only consumer from trying to pay with a check.”

The setup also provides a seamless audit trail for consumer service staffers so that, if a member has further questions, co-op representatives can supply answers quickly.

“We’re constantly striving to increase our membership’s level of satisfaction,” Townsend points out. “The kiosk portal gives members an additional payment method, which will hopefully boost their experience.”

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