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2018 Events

We would love to connect with you at one of the many conferences we attend each year. See the list of events below and contact us for more details.


TechAdvantage: February 27 – March 1

TechAdvantage demonstrates new ways to optimize your technology systems with cutting-edge solutions that will turn your co-op into a strategic powerhouse. You’ll identify best practices and products that will help resolve your engineering, IT, energy services, operations, supply management and business challenges by unlocking the power of innovation and collaboration.

TechAdvantage is at the forefront of innovation, delivering critical technologies that are transforming the world of engineering, information technology, energy services, operations, supply management and business.


MoCCFOA Spring Institute: March 13 – 14

The mission of the Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association is to provide the best education possible to help the municipal clerk keep up with the ever changing laws and local government requirements in Missouri. This mission is carried out all year long through Institute, Regionals and Missouri Municipal League Conference.


TEC Accounting Association Conferences: April 25 – 27

The association offers conferences on leadership and professional development for cooperative boards of directors, managers and key staff. In addition, TEC workshops and classes, both in-person and online, cover multiple aspects of the co-op business, from people skills to asset management.


GFOA National Conference:  May 6 – 9

Drawing on more than a century of experience, public finance professionals have widely come to view the GFOA Annual Conference as the one truly “must-attend” professional development event of the year. As in the past, the 112th GFOA Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO, will feature unparalleled opportunities for sharing ideas, sharpening skills, discovering new tools and technologies, and networking with peers from across North America and around the world.


Milsoft Users Conferences: June 12 – 14

The annual Milsoft Users Conference is the premier collaborative event for Milsoft users and exhibitors that provide interoperable products and services to the electric utility industry. Milsoft’s conference strives to meet the needs of its users, demonstrated by greater depth and breadth of the product and technology presentations and networking opportunities. Also pivotal to the value proposition of the Conference is the outstanding opportunity presented to its users to meet Milsoft staff and communicate their needs and challenges, while building and strengthening the personal relationships that improve customer satisfaction.

APPA National Conference: June 15 – 20

The National Conference helps utility leaders connect with partners and peers while learning about the complex issues facing public power utilities. The program features leading political, economic, business and public policy thinkers addressing the critical issues shaping our industry’s future.


TMEPA Annual Meeting:  July 11 – 13

Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association is a membership association of 59 municipal and county electric power providers that serve over 2.4 million homes and businesses across Tennessee.  Their members serve two-thirds of the electric customers in Tennessee and distribute three-quarters of the power sold in the state.  They are proud to be community owned and customer focused.


MMUA Summer Conference Tradeshow:  August 21

Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association is a nonprofit corporation representing the interests of the state’s 100+ municipal electric and natural gas utilities.  MMUA was formed in 1931 and provides a wide variety of services to its members.  MMUA Summer Conference is an opportunity for networking educational and social time for municipal leaders from around the state.


Missouri Municipal League (MML): September 16 – 19

The Missouri Municipal League was organized in 1934. Since its organization, its aim has been “to develop an agency for the cooperation of Missouri cities, towns and villages and to promote the interest, welfare and closer relations among them in order to improve municipal government and administration in the state.” Thus, the League’s basic goal is to strengthen cities through unity and cooperation.

Daffron User Group Meeting (UGM): September 17 – 21

Attendees of the 2018 Daffron UGM will have the opportunity to experience how Daffron solutions work together across your entire organization to achieve a better consumer experience, and to increase workforce efficiency. As an attendee, your classroom experience will be integrated just as tightly as our software suites integrate with each other and third party vendors. Sitting alongside people of all departments and discussing how the Daffron solution tackles the big picture, you will learn how your utility can pull it all together and improve the consumer and workforce experience.


TEC Annual Member Services Conference: October 16 – 19

This conference provides the opportunity to connect for member services professionals throughout Texas.

TVPPA Accounting and Finance Conference: October 17 – 19

TVPPA educational conferences are a source of new ideas and a means of shared problem-solving for utility industry professionals. TVPPA conducts seven conferences annually for special interest groups of utility employees.

NRECA Region 8 & 10: October 17 – 18

At NRECA Regional Meetings, cooperative leaders learn how electric cooperatives can meet challenges facing the industry in the years ahead set the policies and priorities their national association will implement in the coming year through the NRECA membership resolutions process.