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Abilene, Texas – April 4, 2019 – Milsoft Utility Solutions Inc., an industry leader in electrical engineering analysis, outage management, communications and geospatial information systems software and services, has announced the acquisition of Daffron & Associates. The addition will clear the path for the introduction of Milsoft customer information systems.

“Milsoft recognizes the desire for customer choice in vendor partners for customer information, financial management, work management and bill presentment services. The acquisition of Daffron & Associates allows us to expand our services toolbox in a meaningful and value-added direction for current and future customers,” said Brian Carr, CEO, Marketing, Milsoft.

About Milsoft Utility Solutions: Milsoft Utility Solutions has served the small utility marketplace, cooperatives, municipalities and universities, with industry-leading analysis software and services for 30 years. A recognized leader in engineering and operations solutions, Milsoft is dedicated to our customers and our employees, passionate about our support, and strive to bring technology vision to deployment while enhancing our customers’ ability to execute.

About Daffron & Associates:  Daffron & Associates believes that successful utilities are built on a strong foundation. They are dedicated to providing the platform on which businesses operate. From billing and customer service to financials, accounting, inventory and work management, their highly trained staff of specialists ensures that utility systems they install are integrated and functioning at optimal efficiency.

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