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Pulling financial data and generating detailed reports is a must—especially when revenues are part of your financial equation. At Daffron & Associates, our Financial Management System (FMS) is a single interconnected solution that integrates General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll/HR, and Fixed Assets modules, which works great for utility companies and municipalities. The Financial Management System also connects to your software across departments to provide one common view of your company’s financial landscape.

Our General Ledger is designed to fit your workflows. It includes exportable reports, flexible classifications, and seamless integration to every other system and department.

Everyone has to pay their bills. Our solution makes it easier for you to do your job by automating the tedious and high-risk parts of paying your bills. Our advanced reporting capabilities and the ability to update in realtime your entire enterprise solution gives you greater insight and control over your accounts payable processes.


Invoice Entry

No two invoices are alike — except when they are. Our solution helps you manage one-off and recurring invoices to ensure you can operate efficiently. The invoice entry process is extremely intuitive, including the ability to add a new vendor without leaving the invoice entry screen. Additionally, existing vendors’ information can automatically populate fields to speed up the entry process and eliminate errors.


Vendor Management

A well-built vendor management tool can save you considerable time. Our solution equips you to easily find, maintain, and report on all of your vendors. Utilizing the extensive and dynamic fields built into our tool gives you confidence when inputting the vendor information. After the initial input, you can watch the system automatically share and populate vendor information, where appropriate, to save you time and get the job done right.


Check Run Process

Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out — who to pay today. Our check run process gives you full transparency and control over which checks to generate and which ones to delay. All of our processes follow an intuitive left-to-right workflow that guides you through the review, reporting, and approval process of completing a check run. Additionally, you can decide whether to update the General Ledger at month close or upon completion of the check run. Syncing this data allows your cash flow reports to be more accurate than ever before.


System-wide Integration

The invoice entry and the check run processes create highly-reliable data that is valuable across your entire organization. Did you just pay an invoice to purchase a new vehicle? If so, our system can automatically update the Transportation and Fixed Assets modules. Maybe your invoice is connected to a purchase or work order from a capital project; we can update those directly from Accounts Payable. This type of system-wide integration is just one way that our solution can empower and equip your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Automating repetitive manual processes and empowering employees to handle their own time entry, while still providing supervisor review, are some of the many benefits of our Payroll system. We also help you file ACA forms electronically or via paper forms.

Let our system calculate depreciation, track comments, and report on the information you need for your Fixed Assets.