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Our Utility CIS (Customer Information System) saves time and improves utility workflow for customer reps, billing clerks, and cashiers. By employing our task-oriented design, we are able to provide a clean interface, single point of access, and the fewest clicks possible.

Our system is ready to handle even the most complex billing and rate structures without slowing down your daily processes.

In order to provide a consistently successful consumer experience, your entire workforce needs to be able to quickly obtain a 360-degree view of each consumer. Our Utility CIS serves as the billing hub that gathers all relevant consumer data across your organization into one location, in real time, connecting all of your departments. Our built-in Cash Drawer makes it easy to accept payments. Prepaid Billing, Net Metering, and other key functionality are already built-in so there is no need to buy additional software. Our CIS has everything you need.

The best form of Consumer Communication happens when you are able to present consumers with the information they need automatically, sometimes before they even know it is needed. Our CIS solution includes a Consumer Communication module that can be used to easily prepare letters, emails, or texts and send them based on Event Triggers, such as: bill reminders, disconnect notices, prepaid notices, and many more. When the system recognizes an Event Trigger, it sends the information to consumers via email, text, or their preferred communication method. This ensures the best opportunity for consumer satisfaction.

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Cash receipts and properly handling of payments is a priority.  Updating accounts immediately upon posting of payments and checks and balances are in place to maintain a constant work through each cash drawer.  Audits and audit logs are kept in place to secure the handling of transactions.  The ability to take various methods of payments allows a consumer to pay with varying methods each time they pay, and all can be handled under one transaction.  Change amounts are automatically calculated as well as a “REDO” button is available for incorrect posting of payments either by account or by amounts.  Moving money off the wrong account to the correct account can be done easily.

Real-time processing and automatic updates between systems mean that you will love using the Payments and Cashiering functions of our CIS.

Utilize our one screen entry and you can track, customize, and manage all of your service orders across your entire organization.

Provide your customers with online bill payment, billing history, payment notifications, and graphical, exportable daily usage information, while reducing incoming calls and manual processes at your utility at the same time.  Our hosted eBusiness solution can be deployed within your existing website or extended to customers via smartphone app, and is fully integrated with CIS to allow staff and customers alike to see real-time information and updates.  eBusiness also provides full support for Prepaid Billing customers so they can view and add to prepaid balances and even receive low-balance and payment notifications via email and text

  • Customer Inquiry
  • Bill Notification and Presentment
  • Payment and Receipts
  • Service Requests
  • Usage History and Graphs

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Our billing and customer care system includes robust prepaid functionality. We utilize a single customer database throughout our customer information system and apply as complex and as many calculations as necessary to meet your needs. Prepaid services pair well with our consumer communication tools. Together they allow consumers to manage their account via their mobile device or the web. They can also receive updates and affect connects and disconnects directly from their account portal.

Daffron provides a Meter Data Management System (MDMS) to handle your meter integration and complex billing scenarios.  Unlock the full value and potential of your advanced metering infrastructure and obtain operational and customer-side benefits through Daffron’s well-integrated MDMS.

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