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“Are we under-utilizing the Daffron system?” That was the concern Robert Stephens, Assistant Manager at Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power (CEL&P), had prior to attending the Daffron User Group Meeting (UGM). “It was a definite eye-opener.”

It is all too common to only scratch the surface of using all the features and interfaces of a software solution, the very solution that is designed to make your lives easier by improving daily operations, increasing overall productivity, and saving you time and money. If you don’t feel your software is adding value to your utility, chances are you are under-utilizing its functionality.

“Participating in the UGM sessions and conversations was just the beginning of making sure we were utilizing all of the built-in features, functionality, and interfaces” explains Stephens. Manual processes, external spreadsheets, and lack of integration between systems can slow you down, costing your utility time and money. Utilization of the software you already own is a key component in your ROI.

Stephens shares a few tips that are helping CEL&P maximize the Daffron system.

Tip 1. Instead of using history comments, we are moving towards using General Service Orders, which can easily move work from department to department.

Tip 2. Interface! Exploit the power of the Daffron applications by making sure you are taking advantage of the interfaces between the applications.

Interfacing Examples:

  1. Pay for a Purchase Order and update the Inventory system as invoiced, all at the same time.
  2. From one screen, you can pay for a new vehicle through Accounts Payable, while the system automatically adds that vehicle to the Fixed Assets application and to your fleet in the Transportation application.
  3. When you interface Payroll with Accounts Payable, payroll deductions create an invoice and Accounts Receivable automatically updates employee account balances.

CEL&P, founded in 1890, is located in Indiana and is locally owned and operated by their customers. Daffron is proud to partner with CEL&P.