Customer Information System (CIS)

CIS saves time and improves utility workflow for customer reps, billing clerks, and cashiers. By employing our task-oriented design, we are able to provide a clean interface, single point of access, and the fewest clicks possible.

Billing/Consumer Accounting

Our system is ready to handle even the most complex billing and rate structures without slowing down your daily processes.

Miscellaneous Accounts Receivable

Easily manage all of your non-utility billing within one system. With Miscellaneous AR, you can even print charges directly on a utility bill.


Real-time processing and automatic updates between systems mean that you will love using the Payments and Cashiering functions of our CIS.

Service Orders

Utilize our one screen entry and you can track, customize, and manage all of your service orders across your entire organization.

Prepaid Billing

Available with no separate software to purchase. Includes consumer notifications, automatic disconnects/reconnects, and debt payment plans.

Financial Management System (FMS)

Pulling financial data and generating detailed reports is a must—especially when revenues are part of your financial equation. Our Financial Management System (FMS) is a single interconnected solution that integrates General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll/HR, and Fixed Assets modules. This financial management system also connects to your software across departments to provide one common view of your company’s financial landscape.

General Ledger

Our General Ledger is designed to fit your workflows. It includes exportable reports, flexible classifications, and seamless integration to every other system and department.

Accounts Payable

Automatic email triggers, electronic payment transactions, and cross-department interfacing means that managing vendors and invoices has never been easier.

Payroll/Human Resources

Automating repetitive manual processes and empowering employees to handle their own time entry, while still providing supervisor review, are some of the many benefits of our Payroll system. We also help you file ACA forms electronically or via paper forms.

Fixed Assets

Let our system calculate depreciation, track comments, and report on the information you need for your Fixed Assets.

Work Management System (WMS)

This comprehensive automated information system delivers process automation for core utility solutions, such as inventory, work order management, and fleet transportation management. It also packs seamless integration and interoperability with CIS, Staking, and Outage, ensuring automation from the front office to the field, and back again.

Work Order Management

Our work order tracking and service orders are seamlessly integrated to provide you with the best product. Automatic email notifications, extensive reporting capabilities, and scheduling of materials are just some of the areas that you can conquer with our WMS.

Transportation/Fleet Management

Setup and track vehicle usage and maintenance within our system and the data is automatically updated in our General Ledger and Work Order systems to allow for the most accurate reporting on costs associated with transportation.


WMS manages your inventory records and levels, tracks and reviews usage history, and automatically produces information for financial reporting and cost analysis.


Whether you are in the field or in the office, our Staking software enables utilities to stake electronically, directly on an Esri-based map. With Staking, you can cut down on paper-driven processes and duplicated efforts to enhance productivity for your engineering and operations team.

Daffron offers a low-cost, high-value approach for leveraging Esri functionality without having to make a full-blown investment in a GIS system. Instead, you can work your way to GIS at your pace.

Outage Management System (OMS)

Daffron’s Outage Management System can track outage calls and predict outage locations, providing greater efficiency to end users. Using your engineering model, the system is designed to tackle different types of outages—individual, transformer, line section, device section, substation, feeder, tap, or unknown—from a single utility screen.

Enhance your outage management processes with:

  • Graphical line-flow modeling to diagnose potential outage points
  • A designated logging and coding system, including major and minor cause codes
  • An optional Esri-based map from the call screen to view incoming outage calls
  • Visibility into associated accounts that are on the same transformers
  • Accurate meter counts and color-coded phasing information at each level