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Daffron has been helping Cooperatives serve their members for over 40 years. We are dedicated in both our services and our solutions to equipping you with the right tools to help you succeed.

Member Satisfaction

Every member is unique, and satisfaction means something different to each member. Daffron will equip your co-op to meet these individual needs. Our consumer communication, mobile app, and customer self-service solutions are a great start towards member satisfaction.

Here are some Daffron solutions that will help increase your member satisfaction:

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Controlling Costs

Offering members the lowest possible rates, while still providing quality service requires you to be in control of your costs. Daffron solutions allow you to connect all of your departments, gathering the information and creating the reports you need to manage effectively.

Here are some Daffron solutions that will help you control your costs:

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Reliability & Safety

In addition to serving your members at a responsible price, you also have to ensure a high standard of safety and reliability. Daffron offers solutions from hosted software and IT services to staking and outage management.

Here are some Daffron solutions and services to improve reliability:

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