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Cash or check? It was a simpler time before technology changed the way we accept payments. The promise of convenience also came with the complexities of managing these always-on, real-time, high-security technologies.

Accepting payments impacts multiple areas across your utility; some areas you may not automatically associate with payment processing. Daffron solutions help utilities manage these technologies by automating complex tasks and empowering consumers with account management tools. Let’s take a look at a few areas and make sure you have the right tools in place to manage them successfully.

Checklist for Success

1. Paperless Billing

It all starts with the bill. Electronic payment transactions never have to involve paper. Your system should allow you to generate and transmit an electronic bill that can be instantly accessed by your staff and consumers.

2. Consumer Notifications

Emails, phone calls, letters, and text messages about the payment process can include:

  • Bill ready for viewing
  • Bill due in so many days
  • Individual date notifications – any one-time message
  • Payment posted
  • Disconnect notices
  • PrePaid Notifications – Payment, Low Balance, Disconnect notice
  • User Defined – for example your newsletter

Making your consumers happy requires good communication. Your software solution has to handle all of these automatically for you, or else there may be errors.

3. Mobile App

Empowering your consumers with a mobile app allows them to manage all aspects of their account. Specific to payments, it provides consumers a way to pay from anywhere, anytime. Add to that the ability to setup automatic payments, store payment profiles, and view billing information, and a mobile app becomes necessary in achieving payment processing success.

4. Prepaid Billing

When appropriate, prepaid billing is a phenomenal service to offer to your consumers. If your software solution allows you to do steps 1 through 3, then adding prepaid billing as an offering to your consumers is an easy next step. Coupled with a good MDM and AMI system, prepaid billing consumers can do everything themselves without any need for an employee to intervene. Daffron CISiXp includes complete prepaid billing functionality so there is never a need to purchase additional software.

5. Kiosk & Retail

Unless your office is open and staffed 24/7, there is a good chance that your consumers would enjoy the convenience of paying their bill at a local retail store or at an electronic kiosk. Your software solution should allow you to easily accept such payments. It should also allow for real-time integration so that you and your consumers always have the best data.

6. PCI Compliance & Security

Complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules helps ensure that the proper security is in place for storing, transmitting, and processing all of your payment data. Your payment processor should be able to provide their PCI certification to you upon request. You do not want to focus on all of these other “convenience” based topics and neglect the security of your consumers’ data.

Next Steps

Daffron has been helping utilities utilize technology for over 40 years. If you want more information about any or all of the topics discussed above, please email us at or send us a message through our contact form.

Bonus for Current Daffron Customers

If you are already a Daffron customer, then you are in luck! Daffron provides all of these tools and can help you implement them at your utility. Our annual User Group Meeting (UGM) is the best way to jump start your latest project. UGM is the only place that you can see and test out all of these products while interacting with most of the Daffron staff and the many other customers that attend. For more information about UGM, visit

Worldpay Announcement

At Daffron we are always working to deliver the best tools to help you succeed. Therefore, we are excited to announce that our preferred payment processor Vantiv has merged with Worldpay. The combined company under the Worldpay, Inc. name will continue to offer superior functionality to Daffron customers in the payment processing space.