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Best Utility Software For Your Business

At Daffron & Associates, we believe that successful utilities are built on a strong foundation. We are dedicated to providing the platform on which your business operates. From billing and customer service, to financials, accounting, inventory, and work management, our highly-trained staff of specialists ensures that utility systems we install are integrated and functioning at optimal efficiency for your business.

Philosophy and Company History

Our business philosophy is simple: We live up to our commitments. Since 1976, this philosophy has helped us build a reputation as one of the most respected utility software providers in the U.S. and internationally.

Companies have chosen Daffron & Associates for 40 years to solve the issues that arise with outdated utility applications. When a current solution fails, or when it no longer meets the needs of your company’s current workload, we can assist in getting your business back on track with unparalleled pricing flexibility and configurability.

Our Technology

We provide enterprise-wide utility solutions for electric cooperatives, multi-service municipal utilities, and investor-owned utilities. This includes our Internet browser-based solutions which are highly functional, easy to use, reduce paper and manual processes, and ensure improved workflow for improved staff training. We also offer comprehensive application software and services for the utility industry, including electric, water, and gas utilities in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, the new IBM Power System server is one of our core platforms on which we run our utility applications. Whether it is an on-premise server or a system hosted by Daffron, our IBM system specialists can help determine which system best meets the client’s needs in terms of speed and capacity. We also provide technology service and infrastructure management for IBM Power Systems.