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The Solution is the Solution

Managing expense reports and travel

Do you love saving every receipt while you travel? Do you enjoy categorizing and compiling your receipts into an expense report as soon as you return from a trip? If so, this article is not for you.  Here at Daffron we had multiple pain points surrounding the systems we were using for expense reports and for travel. Thankfully, we found Certify which exceeded our expectations and was the solution we needed to streamline, simplify, and solve our Travel and Expense (T&E) frustrations.

Luckily for you, we didn’t keep this great solution to ourselves. We recognized the benefits that Certify could provide to Daffron customers and realized that the solution to our T&E frustrations could be your solution, too. We now partner with Certify to integrate their T&E solutions with the Daffron Financial Management System (FMSiXp). If you are ready to schedule a demo of this new solution provide your email in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the pain points Certify solved for Daffron, and the ways that we have integrated Certify with FMSiXp.

Travel Booking

We began our journey with Certify by investigating their travel booking tool and comparing it to our old provider. All of the systems we looked at had similar features and functionalities, but we had a few pain points that we couldn’t seem to resolve before Certify.

Major Pain Points before Certify

  • Southwest Airlines (SWA) pricing was higher in our travel tool than on the SWA website.
  • We couldn’t generate a report that would list the credit card used for each trip, which made reconciling our credit card bill to trips a manual process.
  • Booking travel for multiple people at a time was unintuitive and fear inducing when you had to click the final “confirm booking” button without knowing if everything was correct.

There were other small quirks and minor frustrations in addition to these pain points.  When Certify showed us a demonstration that resolved all of these issues, we decided to make the switch and have been satisfied customers ever since.

Expense Reporting & Daffron Integration

After using the travel booking tools, we were so impressed with the quality of their solutions that we decided to test out the Expense Reporting module as well.  Previously, we had found Excel spreadsheets to be the best balance of functionality and cost. Certify overcame those barriers by improving the user adoption, turn-around time, and accuracy of our process. When we took the next step to integrate their reports into FMSiXp , it added an entirely new level of automation into the process. Let’s look at a couple of the neat features we enjoy the most that Daffron customers can also utilize.

Receipt Capture/Upload

The mobile app receipt scanner is definitely our favorite feature amongst Daffron staff. You open the app, click on the scanner, and it reads all of the parts of your receipt and automatically fills out that expense item and attaches the image. All of your receipts are saved to your Certify wallet which you can pull from to submit a report. With this tool you never have to save any paper receipts!

You can also email receipts to your wallet or set up a specific card to send all charges to your wallet for invisible automation.

Paperless Approval Process

Expense reports can be very easy to lose if you are setting a piece of paper in a stack on your manager’s desk. We were able to eliminate this issue by utilizing the electronic approval process built into Certify. It is also very easy for managers to request edits or clarification on a specific line item. The person submitting the report can make the changes all via the Certify dashboard and email notifications keep everyone in the loop during the entire process.

Daffron Integration

As exciting as this tool is on its own, we think it is even better when integrated with Daffron FMSiXp. We are continuing to develop this integration while we use the tools internally. We are working with Certify to interface their expense categories to the relevant general ledger. Once set up, users will be able to export a file from Certify that will import to our Accounts Payable so that the AP clerk doesn’t have to rekey any data. We also summarize the billing data to make Accounts Receivable processes even easier. As we continue this partnership, we are excited about improving and expanding on these integrations.

How can you use Certify & Daffron?

There are so many other benefits and features we couldn’t mention in just one short article. If you are ready to find out more about using these solutions, we would love to show you a quick demo. Send us an email at to find out more information and to schedule a demo.