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“The Operations Team is extremely happy with the iXp software!” exclaims Luann Warren, Operations Support Supervisor at CDE Lightband in Tennessee. “We love the quick access tab from Service Order inquiry and the task bar.”

One of the features the CDE Operations Team uses daily is the direct Google Maps link from the service address. They use this feature as a quick way to look at a location – you can see if an object is overhead or underground, and see transformers, poles, phone, and cable vaults.

“Many times this has saved us money by not having to send a crew or engineer to look at a location because we can verify details from the street or earth view of the area,” says Warren. For example, they receive multiple calls about CATV pole-mounted booster boxes, AT&T pedestals, etc. Most times they can easily identify these by looking at the Google map. While they are also able to call up their system mapping, this is an easy way to jump right to the location virtually and look around.

Google Maps integration is a small piece of the benefits CDE is realizing through the iXp Solution. “Our service order process, tracking, and returning works smoothly and is very streamlined,” states Warren. With efficiency and system integration being at the forefront, iXp provides the functionality and processes CDE needs to deliver top quality service and support to their customers.

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