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Brian Taylor, Superintendent/General Manager at CDE Lightband, launched his career 30+ years ago, learning the ropes in the utility industry on a home-grown software system. Manual processes and lack of enterprise integration were the norm. The challenges were significant, yet simpler than what utilities face today.

Working in the IT Department in his early years, Brian experienced firsthand the need to stay abreast of the rapid changes in technology and in the utility industry. The forward-thinking technologies of 30 years ago are a long-lost memory that has been surpassed many times over as technology continues to change and improve to meet the emerging needs of the utility and the growing demands of the consumer.

At the 2015 Daffron User Group Meeting (UGM), Brian reminisced about earlier years before turning his focus to the challenges of today.

  • Energy Efficiency & Renewables – Reliable service at lowest possible cost while meeting regulatory requirements and societal pressures to implement cleaner power such as solar and wind.
  • Rates – Provide services at affordable, competitive, and flexible rates, within the current and changing regulatory landscape.
  • Consumer Expectations – Consumers expect information and power at their fingertips 24/7/365. A modern Consumer Engagement Platform must be equipped to meet all of these expectations.
  • Cyber Security – Protecting payment information as well as customer and employee data against ever-evolving security threats.
  • MDM – AMI/AMR systems must provide real-time meter reading with real-time integration to CIS.

Through the years, CDE has worked closely with Daffron to handle these challenges, to stay ahead of the evolving market and customer expectations, and to develop a long-term technology plan to achieve their goals in the changing world of the utility industry.

Expanding on its service and the needs of its consumers, CDE currently provides broadband to almost a third of its consumers; a number that continues to increase each year.

“The importance and value of the relationship between our utility and our software vendor, Daffron, has grown substantially over the years,” states Brian. “As our utility and needs have grown, Daffron has been there with the solutions that enable CDE to operate efficiently, utilizing the latest technology.”

About CDE Lightband
CDE Lightband, formed in 1938 when the distribution system was purchased from Kentucky-Tennessee Light & Power, is located in Clarksville, Tennessee, serving over 67,000 consumers.  All power consumed by CDE and its customers is supplied by TVA.  CDE’s mission is to improve their community through the reliable and affordable delivery of electric and broadband services.