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Burlington Hydro Implements Solution for Further Efficiency

Burlington Hydro Implements Solution for Further Efficiency

“Very positive feedback from our staff,” Dan Lowry, Chief Information Officer at Burlington Hydro, expresses gratefully after implementing the Daffron iXp Financial Management and Work Management Solutions.

Burlington Hydro is an energy services company in the power distribution business located in Burlington, Ontario.  Serving approximately 65,000 customers, Burlington’s strategic focus is on achieving excellence and continuous improvement across all aspects of its business, including operational efficiency and responsive customer service.  For over 20 years, Daffron has been proud to partner with Burlington Hydro to provide the core solutions to assist them in this commitment.

“In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that we utilize solutions that assist us in reducing operating costs, increasing employee productivity, and improving customer service,” says Lowry.  He goes on to say, “Daffron’s iXp solution will assist Burlington in achieving these results.  It is reassuring to be teamed with a company that is on the cutting edge of technology and integration.”

With an emphasis on robust technology, feature-rich functionality, and enterprise integration, the Daffron Financial Management System and Work Management System provide a solid foundation for both the information technology and overall business requirements of our customers.

Let’s discuss how the Daffron solution can help you improve customer satisfaction.  Contact us at 888.DAFFRON or marketing@cdamrk.wpengine.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Discuss Your Utility Needs with Daffron at TechAdvantage and Clevest Meeting

We make doing business with Daffron easy from our hosting solutions to our flexible and functional software.  What are your utility needs?  Visit Daffron at  the NRECA TechAdvantage – Booth 843 and the Clevest User Group Meeting to discuss your utility needs and the options that Daffron offers.

NRECA TechAdvantage is in Orlando, February 23 – 25.  Clevest User Group Meeting is just prior to TechAdvantage on February 23.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Graham County EC Teams with Daffron

Graham County Electric Cooperative (GCEC) has selected Daffron & Associates as its preferred Hosted Software vendor for CIS / Billing, Financial Management, Work Management, and Customer Self-Service.

"We had a limited relationship with Daffron prior to selecting them as our preferred Hosted Software vendor,” explains Kirk Gray, Finance Manager at GCEC.  “Daffron staff members have always been very responsive to our needs and requests.  We feel that Daffron's Hosted CIS/Billing, Financial Management, Work Management and Customer Service solutions provide value at a reasonable cost to our members.”

In delivering top-quality service to their members, GCEC sought a solution that would provide efficiency, functionality, and first-rate service while utilizing the latest technology.  Providing electric, gas, and/or water services to more than 15,000 customers in Arizona, GCEC also wanted to empower their customers by allowing them access to key customer self-service functionality.  Daffron’s customer self-service solution, AccessMyUtility, will enable GCEC customers access to utility-related activities anywhere, anytime from their PC or mobile device.

“We are excited about teaming with GCEC and look forward to helping them in service to their customers,” commented Sarah Robinson, President at Daffron.  “By working together, we plan to help GCEC achieve their goals by improving upon existing business processes and delivering innovative Daffron solutions to meet their needs.”

“We are looking forward to our relationship with Daffron as our preferred software provider,” states Gray.

The Daffron Customer Commitment statement resounds through GCEC’s decision to partner with Daffron:  "Daffron’s commitment is to maintain an indispensable RELATIONSHIP with our customers by providing unsurpassed QUALITY through superior products and services; VALUE through the best return on investment; and SPEED through the most responsive service."

 If you have questions about this or any Newsflash, please contact us at marketing@cdamrk.wpengine.com or 888.DAFFRON.

Celebrating 20 years: A letter from Sarah Robinson, President

Twenty years ago, when I first walked through the doors of Daffron as an employee, I could not imagine the intriguing journey that lay ahead.  Getting my feet wet prior to heading off to college created more of a purpose behind the education I received, and made me look at the family business at every aspect of my education.

After graduation, I literally hit the floor running.  Programming, project management, product development, and corporate duties were awaiting me, and I was ready to meet the challenges and contribute to the business.  One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of Daffron these past 20 years is the customer interaction.  Many of you have walked this journey with me as you have grown at your own utility.  Along the way, I appreciated the open conversations, the suggestions, and the laughs.

Twenty years later, Daffron has expanded from offering basic software solutions for utilities to providing a range of solutions that are meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers.  The technology, the integration, the functionality, the communication – so much is changing at a rapid pace, and it is exciting and amazing to look back over the years to see where we started and how far we have come. 

Speaking on behalf of Daffron, we hope that you have benefited from the enhanced quality of our products and services as we are dedicated to meeting your requirements and expectations. 

Thank you for choosing Daffron and being a part of the journey.  I can’t wait to see where the next 20 years take us.

Warm regards,

Sarah Robinson, President

Field to Office Streamlined at Houston County EC

“Daffron’s Staking iXp enabled us to streamline our processes,” explains Sandy Lawrence, Material Management Supervisor at Houston County Electric Cooperative.  “We worked closely with Daffron during the development stage, which resulted in functionality to streamline new construction and specify maintenance right from field design.


“Our cooperative is heavily involved in oil field construction and regularly handles multiple pole construction jobs. We like how material variable selection in field design improves accuracy in filling orders. We reduced our effort by setting up automated capture and accumulation of work order statistics right from field design.”


Manual, paper-based processes take time and money.  Daffron’s StakingiXp is aimed at helping you eliminate those costly processes while enhancing the experience and the results for everyone involved. 


Our StakingiXp solution allows you to automate work order processes directly from the staking process, creating front-end digital data sources for CIS, GIS, and other back-end operations and engineering systems.  By using our PC-based Staking with integrated Esri-based mapping, processes can be streamlined, resulting in greater efficiency and higher levels of customer satisfaction. 


If decreased operating costs, increased productivity, improved customer service, and better ease-of-use for internal users are all things you’d like to experience at your utility, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Daffron.


Contact us today at marketing@cdamrk.wpengine.com or 800.325.0208.

It’s all about the value we provide our customers.

The right investment in a value- and customer-focused solution is what the City of Vandalia, Missouri, was looking for when signing with Daffron & Associates.


With customer satisfaction a driving force behind most utility decisions, City of Vandalia recognized the additional functionality and services offered by Daffron would not only help them achieve current goals, but would continue to provide enhanced options in the future.


“The flexibility and process flows of the software are only a couple of reasons why the Daffron solution is right for us,” explains Sharon Myers, Finance Manager at City of Vandalia.  “We wanted a solution that would work both for us and for our customers.  Customer self-service via the web and mobile is an offering that will definitely make a positive impact with our customers.”


Sarah Robinson, President at Daffron, is excited about partnering with City of Vandalia and appreciates the enthusiasm and dedication by the staff at City of Vandalia and Daffron.  “City of Vandalia is located a short distance from the Daffron corporate office.  We understand their needs and we want to continually work closely with them to enhance their customer offerings.”


“As we implement the Daffron hosted solution, we look forward to a longstanding and great relationship with Daffron,” summarizes Alan Winders, City Administrator for the City of Vandalia.


Let’s discuss how the Daffron solution can help you improve customer satisfaction.  Contact us at 888.DAFFRON or email us at marketing@cdamrk.wpengine.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Productivity Doesn’t Have to Stop, Even if the Power Goes Out

“How utilities respond can make all the difference.”

There is no stopping an outage from occurring.  However, outages do not have to keep your customers down for the count.  The Daffron Outage Management System provides greater efficiency to end users by:

  • Providing the basic tools to handle outage calls, determine line-flow issues, and track outages through to resolution.
  • Communicating with the Daffron CIS system in real-time to ensure your customer service staff can provide the best possible service.
  • Integrating with IVR, AMI, etc.
  • Providing a designated logging and coding system, including major and minor cause codes.

 “We are excited about the release of the new Daffron Outage Management program,” states Randy Morris, Senior Staff Advisor for Jasper County REMC.  “The functionality is very proficient and user friendly.  There are several features that are very helpful; its ability to predict which up-line devices are open, along with grouping and circuit display.  We also have the latest Daffron CIS in place, so our CSRs can take an outage call without ever leaving the customer inquiry screen, which is a real bonus.”

If decreased operating costs, increased productivity, improved customer service, and better ease-of-use for internal users are all things you’d like to experience at your utility, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Daffron.  Give us a call at 888.DAFFRON or email us at marketing@cdamrk.wpengine.com.

Orange County REMC Enhances Customer Service with CIS and IVR Integration

Orange County REMC takes another step to enhance customer service thanks to the real-time integration between Milsoft’s Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Daffron’s CIS.

“We are very excited to offer our members another bill payment option,” comments Marcy Bennett, Office Manager at Orange County REMC.  “The introduction of the IVR system, as well as our current customer self-service [AccessMyUtility] site, gives our members the flexibility to access account information at their convenience.  The IVR system will also decrease the amount of time our employees spend taking telephone payments, providing a higher level of customer service and efficiency.”

At the end of the month, multiple members of the Orange County REMC office were on the phone taking payments to handle the volume of calls.  With Milsoft’s IVR, an automated system which can handle large numbers of phone calls for an extended period of time, and the robust real-time integration with Daffron’s CIS, Orange County REMC has increased the utility’s effectiveness and customer service level.

Daffron to Attend NRECA CEO Close-Up

Daffron representatives will be attending the NRECA CEO Close-Up January 12-14 in Palm Desert, California.  CEO Close-Up is an exclusive networking event that provides the platform for frank discussions and education for cooperative CEOs. 

For more information about NRECA CEO Close-up, please visit their website at www.cooperative.com.

The Importance of Utility System Integration

If your utility system isn’t fully integrated among its various core ERP and other system components, it’s a safe bet your processes are more manual and less efficient than they need to be.  Effective system integration allows users to initiate a process that is later completed – or nearly completed – on a system level, automatically, and without further manual entry.  In addition, effective integration can ensure an outside process, like a payment, can find its way back into your ERP system automatically without manual effort.


Daffron assumes the aggressive integration stance that your systems have to communicate to be effective. You need your ERP provider to work with you and with other vendors to ensure all solutions interface properly to your core ERP system.  Daffron’s flexible interface tools and specialized integration staff allow you the freedom to choose the systems and solutions that work best for you.

Contact us for more information on the potential for your system to integrate effectively.