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“Very positive feedback from our staff,” Dan Lowry, Chief Information Officer at Burlington Hydro, expresses gratefully after implementing the Daffron iXp Financial Management and Work Management Solutions.

Burlington Hydro is an energy services company in the power distribution business located in Burlington, Ontario.  Serving approximately 65,000 customers, Burlington’s strategic focus is on achieving excellence and continuous improvement across all aspects of its business, including operational efficiency and responsive customer service.  For over 20 years, Daffron has been proud to partner with Burlington Hydro to provide the core solutions to assist them in this commitment.

“In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that we utilize solutions that assist us in reducing operating costs, increasing employee productivity, and improving customer service,” says Lowry.  He goes on to say, “Daffron’s iXp solution will assist Burlington in achieving these results.  It is reassuring to be teamed with a company that is on the cutting edge of technology and integration.”

With an emphasis on robust technology, feature-rich functionality, and enterprise integration, the Daffron Financial Management System and Work Management System provide a solid foundation for both the information technology and overall business requirements of our customers.

Let’s discuss how the Daffron solution can help you improve customer satisfaction.  Contact us at 888.DAFFRON or  We look forward to hearing from you.

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